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The MM Bocce Bunch

With origins in the Roman Empire, bocce developed in Italy and is now popular worldwide. It’s popular at Mountain Meadows, too. A dedicated group meets each Saturday morning at 10 a.m. (weather permitting) at the bocce court in our park near Kitchen Creek Garden. Some players are novices and some are said to be pretty good (but they won’t admit it). We play with men and women on each team. Our games are very informal, usually with teams of two or three players—or two on one team and three on the other.

Bocce at Mountain Meadows Ashland, OregonBocce is senior-friendly. It offers moderate exercise and can be enjoyed by persons with a wide variety of abilities. In Italy, the bocce court is traditionally a gathering place for old men, but the game is not just for Italians, or men, or old people. Players roll or toss the ball with an underarm action to get it close to a small target ball or to knock another player’s ball away from the target. It requires planning and strategy for maximum scoring, but not strength or speed or special clothing. Even those of us who are beginners have lots of fun.

Come give it a try! Show up on a Saturday or talk with one of the regulars. Newcomers are always welcome, and no experience is needed.
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Gardening is Fun…and Easy!
By Linda Doren June17, 2013

Raised garden planting beds and rich, compost soil! What a great idea! You mean -- one does not have to crawl around on hands and knees or do deep knee bends to enjoy a beautiful garden? Not at Mountain Meadows 55+ Community in Ashland. Our beautiful garden is a resident-run cooperative type of garden and is designed for ease and enjoyment. There are 79+/- raised boxes and patches of soil for squash and a variety of berries. There are compost bins where the residents can “recycle” trimmings – even the on - site Meadowlark Dining Room’s kitchen staff makes good, ecological use of the bins. To add to the ease of gardening, there is a small building at the edge of the garden for storage of tools and also a conveniently located bathroom for the gardeners to use.

Gardening is a pleasure and you do not have to give it up when you age. Gardening is considered to be a relaxing activity for many people and those who are 55+ are no exception. In addition, gardening is an enjoyable way to get exercise, keep our 55+ bodies moving and mobile and to keep our minds sharp and active. It helps us feel good and function well. Gardening provides us with an outlet to express our individualism and our ideas; in the process provides us with beautiful flowers, luscious herbs and healthy vegetables as our rewards. Organic gardening helps to keep us healthy and the product of an organic garden will always taste better too.

In early June, the Mountain Meadows Kitchen Creek Garden was part of the AAUW Garden Tour and many of the residents of the 55+ resort-style community volunteered to guide the tour, assist with parking and give general information to over 240 visitors. Thank you to Jill Mackie and all the Mountain Meadows residents who helped make it a success. Thank you to AAUW for selecting the Kitchen Creek Garden as one of the many beautiful gardens on the tour. Visitors observed first hand how easy and rewarding gardening at 55+ can be. Ask any of the residents who volunteer at the Kitchen Creek Garden or work their own garden bed and they will say it is “fun …and easy!”

Seymour and Annie

"No way!" I said when Annie suggested we sell our house in Medford and move to Mountain Meadows in Ashland. "I love this house. We made a good decision to move here from the Bay Area—at your suggestion, I might add. We have walls here for picture hanging. Something there is that does love a wall. Buddy Bear likes it here, too."

I was not prepared for this. This could be life changing—even life threatening.

"No way!" Once more.

I should not have said that. Annie learned early on to respond with "Let me count the ways." Ahh—I love her for it. When we first began investigating retirement communities several years ago I had equated the concept with old folks’ home, or long-term motel with special services. Annie, on the other hand, went right to the crux of the matter. "It’s obvious," she said. "At Mountain Meadows there is a sense of community." Wow. She could have been a community organizer.

Still—I was far from being convinced. I just didn’t see it. Forgot about it until—in that ominous way of hers, "Let’s talk."

"About what?" I asked.

"You don’t know?" in an incredulous tone. "You really don’t know?"

"Let me take a wild guess," I ventured. "This is about selling our house—isn’t it? This is about downsizing and moving to one of those old folk places—like Mountain Meadows. Don’t you want to be master of your fate?"

Annie, who never was formally exposed to the Harvard Case Study Method, said:

"Point 1—Suppose you die first. Which of our neighbors is likely to help me through whatever follows? Who am I even going to talk to? Our backyard trees are not good conversationalists. If I have to move, who knows how to take things apart and reassemble them?

"Point 2—Suppose I die first," she continued. "I know you. You would just stay in this house—a recluse—never see or speak to another living soul.

"Point 3—I don’t like cooking and we’ll get to eat in their beautiful dining room.

"Point 4—There’s more to Mountain Meadows than just condos and houses—there’s community.

People there know things worth knowing and meet with one another and enjoy the exchange of experiences and ideas. They have their own library. You might find a compatible soul or two and you would not have to give up the captainship of your soul to enjoy it.

"Point 5—Pictures—they’re for museums and museums are for visiting, not for living.

"Point 7—Memories—sure this house is full of great memories but memories are about the past. I’ve got things I want to do and doing is about the now and about the future. I’ll count to three while you decide." She began to count. I had already begun to think.

"Let’s invite that realtor over for a little chat next week," I suggested, just as Annie got to "three."


We listed. We staged. We stored. We sold. We moved.

Mountain Meadows after almost a year? Better than anticipated. It really is a friendly community where people actually do seek each other out, break bread together and talk. We attend lectures and Music at The Meadows and participate in theater group discussions and poetry sessions. The fitness center is well equipped and readily accessible and I have offered my library of books as an extension to the existing one.

I don’t know why Annie didn’t figure this out earlier. We’ll have to talk more often.
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Life is About Choices
by Linda Doren

Maintaining your lifestyle when you retire is on the hearts and minds of most of us. We want to continue to enjoy life the way we have come to know and love it. For many people, the retirement years may be a frightening and uncertain spot on the horizon and the move to a 55+ or retirement community is delayed. Why? The move is delayed because many believe their lifestyles will dramatically change and they are not ready for that change. They live their lives with choices and those choices are important.

When you choose Mountain Meadows 55+ Resort Community, you don't have to change the way you live. It will just get better and your choices will continue on and on. Among your neighbors you will find professors, teachers, artists, engineers --people who made the decision to come to Ashland and Mountain Meadows because they could maintain their lifestyle.

If you're a gardener, you will have plenty of room in the community garden. It you are a theatre buff, you will revel in each magical season at Ashland's Oregon Shakespeare Festival. You will also delight in the many high-quality local productions available year-round. Stay fit and healthy in the fitness/wellness center. Join a committee or serve on a board of directors for one of the associations. (Mountain Meadows is owned, operated and governed by the resident owners - no corporation!

Mountain Meadows can help arrange additional services on a fee-for-service basis such as housekeeping, maintenance or in-home care services. Adjacent to Mountain Meadows is Skylark Assisted Living and Memory Care, a separate but integral part of the community which offers additional daily support. Combining the services of Skylark and Mountain Meadows assures its residents that they will not have to move from the community that supports them. We call it "aging in place."

Choices...we all know that life is more fulfilling when we have choices. None of us like to have someone controlling our lives and forcing us to do omething we would rather not do.

Choices...choosing to own your retirement dream home and preserve your equity.

Choices.. .choosing to join in with the multitude of activities or stay in the comfort of your own, beautiful home or condominium.

Choices.. .choosing to use the state of the art fitness/wellness center and indoor pool or continue your membership at the YMCA.

Choices.. .choosing to live your life the way YOU choose!

That is what Mountain Meadows 55+ Resort Community is all about. Life is about choices!

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Spring into a New Life
by Linda Doren

Vibrant colors are everywhere reminding us that Spring is here and, with it is new life. The trees are forming bright green new buds and the dogwood trees are breaking forth in all their glory. Spring makes us smile and puts a song in our hearts as we come out of the dreary, cold winter months.

Spring is a time of year when people start making changes in their lives or begin the planning stages of a move. There are garage sales and yard sales everywhere! Properties are coming on the market for sale and moving trucks and vans are a common sight. Spring is a time when some of us begin considering our new life as we near retirement. Where would I like to live? What kind of life do I picture myself living? Perhaps you are not ready to retire but you have parents or grandparents who are at that stage of their lives. You are not sure where to begin. You are not alone. Finding the perfect retirement community, or as we like to call Mountain Meadows, the "inspirement" community, can be a daunting task.

What brings people to Mountain Meadows 55+ Community is often the adult children or grandchildren that live in Ashland or the beautiful Rogue Valley. Family ties run deep and being close to family is vital to a happy, new life. Ownership of property and being able to build equity in your investment is another reason people come to Mountain Meadows. Instead of "renting" your living space, you own your living space and are part owner of the amazing amenities in the community such as the clubhouse, fitness center, 4-acre park and community garden and wood shop. The homeowners association takes care of all front yard landscaping and mows lawns so you do not have to. You can sit on your front porch, enjoy the view and not have to get your hands dirty. If you like to garden, however, there is a raised bed community garden that might be of interest to you.

This community is composed of a variety of people with amazing life stories. They are people, like you and me; like our parents or grandparents, who fell in love with Ashland and the beautiful 27+ acres of Mountain Meadows. They enjoy fine dining, inspirational forums and musical performances, involvement in committees, fitness and exercise classes and develop new friendships. New life begins in Mountain Meadows...Spring into your New Life today.